Michelle Becker Russillo 2017

It was the greatest pleasure to tour with Maya. She is well above the five star rating! She exceeded the meaning of tour guide. In the short time that I was with her, I found her to be one of the warmest and kindest person I have ever met. Her knowledge and passion about her country gave me the ability to take Israel home in my heart. It wouldn’t have been at all the same without her. If you don’t use her as a tour guide…you will miss out. Maya is a true gem and I look forward to seeing her again

Phyllis Jaeger 2017

There are tour guides and then there is Maya! She has a unique ability to share her incredible depth of knowledge of Israel with passion and joy. Furthermore, she knows precisely how to taylor her tours to the specific needs and interests of her clients. Seeing Israel with the guidance of Maya was a pure delight and an experience that has forever changed my appreciation of the history of the Holy Land. Her detailed descriptions of places and historical events is a mere sliver of what Maya offers– she takes you on a journey that leaves you in awe of Israel. Above and beyond being the recipient of her unsurpassed knowledge, being in Maya’s company is nothing short of bliss. Her infectious personality and smile is icing on the cake!

Lauren Sager Weinstein 2017

Maya was a fantastic guide. We had a wonderful day together in Jerusalem, and it was an amazing experience seeing sights both well known and hidden. Maya is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about Jerusalem and a lot of fun.

Molly German 2018

I feel honored to have received Maya as my tour guide. Since the first day she introduced herself, Maya has stood out as one of the most pleasant, enthusiastic, and caring people I have ever met. Throughout the trip, Maya took my group to the most beautiful places I have ever seen and would remind us to take a breath and be mindful of ourselves. The mindfulness and self awareness I gained on this trip is invaluable. I would give Maya more than 5 stars if it were possible. I do not believe I could have received a better tour guide than Maya

Shelley Lippman Lewkowict

Not only is Maya a magnificent tour guide and educator (her depth of knowledge, her true understanding of the meaning behind places we visit, her use of photos, poems and testimonials and her genuine excitement is unprecedented), but she is a unique soul. She is warm and engaged, strong and honest. She changes lives.

Anne Wilkins 2018

Maya is the ultimate tour guide: experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, gracious, flexible, unflappable, warm, and kind. Highly recommend.

David Salin 2018

Maya made my trip to Israel unforgettable. She has a wealth of knowledge, energy, passion, and you can tell she loves what she does. Her English is excellent as well. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Stacey Posch 2018

100% the most important person you’re going to meet in Israel. She is so knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and radiates positivity. She is going to make your experience a million times more amazing and memorable. You would be lucky just to know her, let alone have her lead your trip. She makes the simplest of attractions so much more engaging, and we never have a dull moment. She will move you, she’ll educate you, and she’ll make you feel one with the land.
Thank you so much for the most memorable trip of my life. It truly is because of you.

Jamie Noah 2018

If I could pick any person on this planet to be my guide in Israel, it would be Maya without a doubt. It’s more than just her knowledge, which is second to none, that makes her stand out. She is so passionate about what she does and that energy is contagious. Every single time she shared a story, I was captivated by her words. Even when I was tired, I made every effort to give her my full attention because I knew I would learn something amazing. Do yourself a favour and book Maya the next time you’re planning a trip to Israel and looking for guides. You won’t regret it for a second!

Jennifer Nahley Wolfberg 2018

We had an amazing trip all because of Maya! She was fun, knowledgeable and did everything to make our trip a wonderful experience. You will not be disappointed if you choose Maya. She’s the best!

Melody Velosa 2018

An amazing tour guide. Maya was above and beyond any tour guide I have ever met. she went above and beyond to make everyone on the tour be comfortable, safe,and to enjoy their trip through the tour.

Hank Gakavian 2018

Maya displays a vast knowledge of Israeli and regional history along with a clear understanding of biblical events and places. We just spent 10 days on tour with her and could not be happier!

Rachel Joseph 2017

Not only was the tour itself wonderful, but even after our trip ended I am still reflecting on the history and questions Maya encouraged us to think about. If that’s not the mark of a good tour guide I don’t know what is

Jacob Roen 2017

The job of a tour guide is frequently just the exchange of pertinent information as it relates to your current location. And while Maya is a walking encyclopedia of information, the way she can relate that information, make it personal or add humor allows her to transcend her role. Maya brought me back through thousands of years of history, and gave me an understanding of a place that is difficult to achieve in a short time. She inspired all of us to be inquisitive and really understand the meaning and purpose of everything we did. But the most important thing to me was that by the end of our time together she ceased to be my guide and became my friend. Thank you, Maya.

Tara Silberg 2017

Maya’s knowledge and charisma gave for such a fabulous tour that one couldn’t put the experience into words! Whether it was describing her passion for history, giving anecdotes about her life relating to the place where we stood, or even what she hopes the future of her country will hold, a tour by Maya is priceless. Highly recommended!

Zack Mortimer 2017

Where do I even start. Maya is the warmest, most positive person I’ve ever met in my life. She exceeded all definitions of “tour guide”, making a lasting connection with all 40 of us.
Maya is not only knowledgeable about the history of Israel, she also adds a very personal touch to her tours that you would not get with anyone else.

Benita Marks 2017

Another testimonial to say how passionate Maya is about guiding.
Her knowledge, her empathy, her desire to explain everything she knows, to discuss the various religions that co-exist, to debate the politics, her love of the country shines throughout.
I cannot recommend her highly enough – whether you are on your own or part of a small or large group, age 5, 15, 25, 55 or 95 or anywhere in between she has an incredible way of getting on with you

Gottschalk Kriebel 2016

Maya spent the day with my family as we toured Jerusalem. I could not imagine a better guide. Maya was very knowledgeable and engaging. Our group included people on a first trip to Israel, others who had visited Jerusalem 5 or 6 times, and people of multiple religions. Maya planned a perfect day for us, where everyone learned something new and was pleased with the amount of time allotted to the sites we visited. It was a perfect balance of history, religion, culture, and food! In addition, Maya is very thoughtful and made sure we were always happy and well taken care of throughout the day. Thank you much, Maya!